Plasma system for cavity internal surface coating

Plazma system was invented for cavity internal surface coating. It is possible to coat cavitties from ∅ 7 mm. The method is applicable  for various materials e.g. aluminium, ferromagnetic materials, glass, ceramics, plastics with various coatings e.g. metals, oxides, nitrides, ceramics and diamond layers.


Features and benefits

The plasma source is inserted into a cavity

The tube is cooled during plasma deposition

A vacuum plasma reactor with a moving substrate is used

It is possible to set up and check parameters of the plasma inside the tube

It is possible to coat cavities from ∅ 7 mm

High adhesion

Suitable for narrow cavities

High coating durability                                                                                                                                                                      

Low defect rate

Environmentally friendly

High hardness in comparison with the substrate

Smooth surface with low concentration of microparticles and nanoparticles

Possibility to coat internal surfaces of ferromagnetic tubes


Suitable for cavities from ∅ 7 mm

Sutable for cavities without roundedness

Maximum weight of a part tobe coated (according to the structure of the substrate holder   ≈ 1 kg

Materials which can be coated – aluminium, ferromagnetic materials, glass, ceramics, plastics

Coating types – metals, oxides, nitrides, ceramics, diamond layers


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