Non-linear, quantum and classical optics

Design of optical elements and assemblies, imaging systems

Special optical elements – crystals, ceramics, optical layers, grids, holograms, adaptive optics

Light Behavior Behavior, Waveform, Deformation by Passage of the Environment

Measure the threshold of damage to optical elements and their optical quality

Calculations, proposals, implementation, verification

Measurement of the resistance and quality optical elements

Design of optical systems, imaging and transport systems, adaptive optics

Special optical elements – crystals, ceramics, composites, thin films, mirrors. grilles, mirrors for standard and extreme conditions

Development of methods and constructions for suppressing unwanted phenomena

Radiation behavior in different environments and systems

Top measurements


Spectroscopy on a wide scale

In-situ imaging with time resolution

High resolution microscopy

Femtosecond level, high performance systems

New materials and technologies

Special ions of doped structures – crystals, ceramics, composites

Multilayer Systems

Thin layers and nanostructures

Optical elements of large dimensions – extreme optical quality


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