LabTidy: web-based sample management system

Department of structure analysis also provides high throughput crystallographic services for universities, research institutes and companies. As a part of this service, we have been developing a scalable online system LabTidy for sample management, which is nowadays a core program for an efficient organization of research in crystallographic laboratories of the department.

Features and benefits

Each sample has its sample page with method-dependent information. The samples can be searched and filtered using a simple or advanced syntax, and sorted by keywords. Each samples has a status showing the stage of its processing.

User management allows for three levels of users: Admin, Responsible, and sample Owner.

Communication thread between the experimentalist and the sample owner allows for clarifications, explanations and adding attachments with measurement results.

Publication thread allows for collaborative editing of manuscripts about one or more samples.

Regular email notification about changes concerning the user’s samples.

Reporting tools.

Tracking of any users activity.

Possibility to book facilities.




Independence on the operating system

Online Interface – Access from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection

Security – HTTPS certificate, intrusion protection

Browser support (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and EDGE)

Unpretentious for traffic, it also works well on weaker servers

Web server requirements: Apache2 + MySQL, PHP >=7.0


User Friendly environment:
LabTidy is an intuitive, easy to use menu-driven system. Frequent operations are optimized for fast and effective work.

The Real Life based development:
LabTidy has been developed based on requirements of a high throughput crystallographic laboratory.

Continuous support with tailor-made changes:
LabTidy developers offer quick continuous support and configuration of the system based on user requirements.

System independent, fast and secure:
LabTidy works with all usual web browsers, has been optimized for weak servers, and its performance allows thousands samples and hundreds of users. The internet connection is secure, with HTTPS certificate and intrusion protection.


Mrs. Blanka Frajova | e-mail:  | mobile: +420 702 220 096
Mr. Oskar Lazansky | e-mail: | mobile: +420 725 015 339




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