Compact XUV beam profiler and spectrometer

The compact system for spectrum characterization and short wavelength beam profile relates to the characterization of electromagnetic radiation bundles in the spectrum of the spectrum from vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) to X-rays, ie in the wavelength ranges from the order of tens of nm (RTG) to hundreds of nm (VUV). Using the proposed device, it is possible to determine the intensity profile of the characteristic beam and its spectrum.

 Technical date

Simple utility of the device, which is very practical and easy to use

Compact design option (all fit into 300mm length DN 100)

Especially suited for VUV rays of soft X-ray radiation found in many research and university laboratories

(HHG, plasma based X-ray lasers, synchrotrons, FELs)


Implementation of the HHG source on a PALS device

High-speed harmonic generator (HHG) powered ~ 70 mJ, 50 fs laser pulse

Generation between 8 and 60 nm was reached

Grid: Hitachi 001 – 0437 (1200 l / mm),

impact angle of 4.5 °

Composite optical assemblies

A solid stand alone detector (located on the beam axis)

Surface Spectrometer (spherical stainless steel ventilation grid (VLS) showing the source, ie no slit)

Reinforced flat XUV mirror, eg Au – moves the wavelength range (translation C)


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