Diamond – A Protective and Functional Layer for the 21st Century


Carbon in its diamond form has been fascinating humankind from time immemorial. Thanks to its excellent properties, it is downright predetermined to multiple applications.

Here at FZÚ, we can prepare it in thin layers, thus improving functional properties of many materials.

For over a quarter of a century, we have been focusing on the technology of creating nanocrystalline diamonds, we can apply diamond layers on three-dimensional objects and big surfaces in temperatures from 250°C to 800°C.

The nano-diamond layer

A layer thinner than 1 mm can protect a surface against aggressive environment – it resists the effects of chemicals, aggressive gases, high temperature and the combinations thereof. It prevents the material from interacting with the environment, actively prevents it from degradation and undesired reactions. It shows that diamond layers can significantly improve the safety of nuclear reactors, for instance.

Medicine and bioapplication

Diamond materials are wholly compatible, they don’t disrupt natural environment in tissues, they don’t display any undesired electrochemical reactions. Medicinal tools with a protective diamond layer are more considerate towards tissues, have higher durability and are easier to work with.

Implants covered with a diamond layer are accepted by the body better and complications during healing are minimized.

There is also a big potential in the field of biosensors. We can tune the surface morphology and chemical function of the layer in order to suit your suggestions.

Sensors and detectors

Thanks to its unique properties, the diamond layer allows for improving the sensitivity of detectors and sensors which are then able to detect trace amounts of contamination even in unfavorable environments. The optical, electrical and thermo-mechanical properties of the layer can be changed – however you need.

The potential of the hard diamond

The diamond is known for its hardness. Its thin layers could prove an effective aid in the field of machine tools – thanks to other properties, the machining process would be more precise, the amount of removed material smaller, tools’ durability would increase. Let’s look for the technological optimization of its production for your application together.


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