Advanced diagnostics and detection

Structural analysis of materials

Material characterization (including in-situ)

Advanced Spectroscopy, Microscopy and Interferometry

Plasma and laser beam diagnostics, single photon detection

Wide range of measured variables and parameters

Experiment and theory

Spectroscopy – across radiation spectrum and measurement methods

Microscopy – Using both familiar and new approaches

Structural analysis of materials

Material characterization (including In-situ)

Chemical analysis

Plasma diagnostics, laser bundles and adaptive optics

Observed phenomena

With the sample we can monitor the reactions – thermal, chemical, mechanical, including structures, electrical and magnetic, optical / radiation in a wide spectral range

Dynamic and static processes – time-based and time-resolved, high spatial and temporal resolution, very fast – fs pulse radiation sources, high sensitivity – up to the level of one photon, resistance to extreme fields

From Nano and Micro Structures to Astrophysics

What we are interested in

Extreme conditions – superfluidity, superconductivity, exotic high field physics, magnetic interactions at high pressures, intense laser radiation interaction with matter

Smart and modern materials – shape alloys, thin-film nanosystems, luminescent and scintillating materials

Physics and phenomenology of elementary parts

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