The faster you are the better you see

Innovative materials and physical methods in biomedical diagnostics promote understanding of biological processes. We offer comprehensive methods and solutions for real-time observation of biological process dynamics.

Our methods are widely applicable in the Life Sciences.


In-situ microscopy and spectroscopy

There is a huge advantage to observing X-ray absorption in samples in the time-resolved mode. Unlike the synchrotrons, our laser-driven solution offers the time-resolved mode to  explore the dynamics of the process. We are able to use nearly all types of microscopy and study a vast range of samples and processes.

3D imaging

Knowledge and understanding of biological structures and processes is crucial for further biomedical research to be able to address proper diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Novel and effective imaging methods are needed to understand the nature of investigated biological objects.

Our devices and methods provide a time-resolved (pump & probe), ultrafast and a wide spectral range of solutions for in-situ studies of biological objects and processes. The sources are geometrically small and thus it provides a unique possibility for obtaining 3D images of non-reproducible samples such as living cells by exposing samples from multiple directions.

Medical diagnostics

Nowadays, there is a huge call for cancer and neurological diseases diagnostic methods which would provide non-destructive, effective, and highly sensitive solutions which reveal the disease in very early stages. Another huge challenge is the development of various types of therapeutics. It is crucial to know how these are distributed in the body.

We offer innovative research methods for the studies of drug delivery and distribution in the body. Our new user facility can help to extend our knowledge of cancer and develop a fast diagnostic method for early-stage diagnosis.


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