Complex Characterization of Peltier Cells

We have developed a device for accurately measuring the thermoelectric cell parameters in order to apply this information in applications that require precise temperature control. The technology is automated to allow for long-term characteristics to be monitored.


Technical parameters

Fully automatic measuring equipment (controlled and controlled parameters):


The temperature of the module’s hot side up to 450°C

The temperature of the cold side of the module is from 20 to 90°C

Maximum power input to 600 W (20 or 30 V)

Compressive force up to 1000 kg

Possibility of using different transition materials

Size of measured modules from 40 × 40 mm to 70 × 70 mm

Measurement of heat flow below and above the module


The exact characterization of the thermoelectric modules is important, for example, in the following areas:

For Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) methods with fast and accurate heat changeControlled cooling of a small volume of material below room temperature (up to – 80°C)

Keep accurate temperature (accuracy below 0.01°C) in the biological field and in precise technological applications


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Autor: Dr. Karel Knížek, Dr. Jiří Hejtmánek

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