Pneumatically Actuated Laser Shutter

These shutters are used to block or divert a laser beam in order to protect equipment or personnel from damage. We have developed a range of pneumatic shutters tailored to the specific needs of our lasers.

Technical data

Pneumatically actuated for high reliability and zero local heating.

Various vacuum compatible versions demonstrated.

Designed to achieve Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 according to IEC-61508.

Highly scalable to large beam diameters (>20 cm demonstrated), PW-class beams, and high average powers (kW).

Versions available for rapid opening and closing, even when loaded with large diverting mirror mass – suitable for next generation high rep-rate lasers.

Safe and rapid closing using compressed air – no need to resort to gravity close to meet safety requirements on loss of power or pressure.


Suitable for incorporation into large systems.

Already tested and in use at ELI Beamlines, the Czech Republic.

High actuation repeatability and stability for beam diverting mirrors.

Flexibility in design options.


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