Motorized optics manipulator

Our solution applies flexible joints for the realization of rotational movement of two-axis compact optic manipulator with many advantages applicable to other laser systems, where laser beams need to be precisely manipulated in vacuum.

Technical data

Motorized controls with resolution <1 microradians: x-axis resolution
0.1 microradians, y-axis resolution 0.084 microradians

Range 90,000 steps (9 miliradians)

Position is maintained even when the motors are powered down

Integrated NC limit switches for both limit positions

The mounts are designed to mount optics with size of up to 4”

High temperature stability and repeatability

Independent movement in both axes (minimum”cross-talk”)

Compatibility with UHV vacuum


The motors and all cabling are away from the plane of the laser beam. For both axes, the mechanical parts are below the optics

The optical mounts holding the optics are mounted on top of the manipulator and can be easily changed to hold almost any shape of optics offering a unified solution for larger systems

High resolution and stability

Different sizes of the manipulator can be manufactured to match the size of mounted optics.

Already tested and in use at ELI Beamlines


Mrs. Miroslava Pribisova | e-mail: | mobile: +420 601 386 148
Mr.  Oskar Lazansky | e-mail: | mobile: +420 725 015 339



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