High power beam dump

The high power beam dump solution is designed for absorption of high performance pulsed laser beams. We developed three different cooling concepts: absorption on metal in air, absorption in watter and absorption in submerged filters.

Technical data

Product range suitable for a wide range of power (from 10W to kW)

Suitable for ultrashort pulses (ns, ps, fs) and CW

Absorption over a wide spectrum (VIS+NIR)

Light-tight connection to standard vacuum chamber flanges

Absorption through the surface of the material or in liquid and colour filters

Cooled by air/water

Minimal heat transfer from the dump to the chamber


Module available for incorporation into large systems

Already tested and in use at ELI Beamlines, the Czech Republic

Suitable for large beams


Mrs. Miroslava Pribisova | e-mail: miroslava.pribisova@eli-beams.eu | mobil: +420 601 386 148
Mr. Oskar Lazansky | e-mail: oskar.lazansky@eli-beams.eu | mobil: +420 725 015 339



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