Magnetic Adaptive steel Testing for industry – highly sensitive nondestructive tests

Highly sensitive nondestructive tests of microstructural changes in steel and cast iron industrial objects.

Long tradition of the Institute of Physics in investigation of ferromagnetic  materials and of details of their magnetization processes made it possible to develop a highly sensitive nondestructive method of Magnetic Adaptive Testing (MAT).


Microstructural degradation of industrial steel and cast iron objects can be discovered and tested with unusual sensitivity.

Manifold applicability to a number of ways of the material degradation.

Simple inductive multi-parametric measurement.

No magnetic saturation of the tested objects is required.

Optimizes the selection of material degradation indicators.

Technical parameters

Highly sensitive nondestructive tests of degradation of steel and cast iron objects due to their industrial heavy-duty service.

Use of low magnetic field (magnetic saturation of the objects is not necessary – in contrast to the traditional magnetic hysteresis methods).

Multi-parametric results enhancing their reliability.

Simple and fast in-field measurements.

Use as

MAT is able to discover tiny modifications of microstructure and appearance of defects inside ferromagnetic construction objects.

MAT can sensitively indicate approaching end of technical fatigue lifetime, fatal changes due to excess mechanical loading, serious steel degradation by longtermed neutron irradiation and any other dangerous consequences of heavy-duty history of an industrial application.

It can even distinguish quality welding from a bad one and sort out cast iron pieces with different characteristics.



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